Self-Confidence and What Mom Said

Maybe Mom was right about saying "thank you", and likely you would not fail to thank someone for saying or doing something nice for you.
Of course not.

Now let's take Mom's advice and apply it to yourself, but in an orderly and organized plan. Not in your head, but with pen and paper, it is time to thank yourself for each recent success.

List your successes and give a star where you succeeded because of your growing self-confidence.
Reading that list everyday, perhaps in the morning as you set your goals for the day, is a good idea and the very basis for building more self-esteem and self-confidence.

This is the way to truly believe in yourself by acknowledging on paper each important victory. Doesn't the sport section of any daily paper list all the victories of various teams and then go into detail as to who the most valuable players were in each game?

You are the most valuable player in your life and the daily affirmation of reading your list of successes and reasons for self-confidence will help you battle negative self-talk and grow
the deserved esteem you should feel for yourself.

There is no doubt others will notice and be
very favorably impressed and more attracted to you. You'll soon be getting even more invitations.


At 1:33 PMPERMALINK, Blogger Family-Memories Of Home said...

Thank you Dave! I really appreciate your comment! I will definitely look into your suggestions in order to improve my blogs! Lin

At 6:32 AMPERMALINK, Blogger Marcia, Your Confidence Coach said...

dave, you are so correct in requiring writing things down especially your successes. you can easily forget what greatenes, kindness, etc you have experienced, especially when you are in a funk.


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