The Secret to Getting What you Want

The secret to getting what you want out of your day begins
with a clear understanding of what you feel you deserve.

This is based on what we talked about earlier, the importance
of self-respect, self-esteem and self-confidence. All of these
things incline one to feel deserving of the best: joy, kindness
and success.

This is what number 4 on the daily To Do List is all about and
the pursuit of the necessary attitude will be discussed more

It is vital to have a plan for the day's joys and successes and
part of that comes from number 5, where commitment is
mentioned as important to getting what you want each day.

More will be said about this commitment later and how to
achieve it, but the reminder now is to remember that all
have to learn some days to want what they get in life, as
surely as one proceeds to plan and commit to getting, as
much as possible of what one wants.

All of this, of course, begins with a sweet and effective
beginning to each day.


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