The Gift of Facing Adversity

"Sweet are the uses of adversity; which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in his head."

History's greatest author and playwright, William Shakespeare, addressed one of the most significant character lessons with his words. Can we become a stronger, better person when the toad of adversity hops along our life road? Adults who are guiding their children to become kids of character will teach their youngsters not to be afraid of the toad when he appears on their life path.

By the time we are seven years old, we learn that there are two strategies we can use when we face adversity - we can run away or walk with adversity. The first strategy invites endless pain; the second brings self-confidence and life skill development.

For youngsters who are not taught to handle adversity by parents, grandparents and teachers, running away often takes the form of ignoring a problem. Examples: I am having problem with a class at school; I am having problem with a friend; I am having a problem with being fearful.

Response: I look away from the problem, believing that if I ignore my problem, it will simply go away.

The toad of adversity is tough. When he's on your road he hops into different parts of your life. He doesn't go away. If you turn your back on the toad, he invites more of his friends to jump on your path with him.

Kids of character learn to communicate with the toad of adversity.

Said precisely, kids of character manage their problems; they do not ignore or run from them. A kid gains self confidence and self respect when he sees the adversity toad and catches it.

Kids who grab hold of their problem moments, with the help of the adult mentors in their life, are kids who mature into responsible adults.

Why? Because these kids discover what author, Richard Bach, describes as the secret of the precious jewel in the toad's head: "There is no such thing as a problem without a gift; You embrace problems because you need their gifts."


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