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Vital Self-Esteem Enriches Life

Developing more self-confidence and self-esteem has been a consistent theme of this blog.
There are so many reasons why that is important and why it's the best gift you can give yourself today or any day.

Like winning a race or getting an A+ on a final exam, it just makes you feel good and so much better about yourself. Those good feeling allow you to face the next challenge, problem or opportunity with more strength and self-assurance to insure your next victory.

So, today and in the coming days in this blog we'll develop a plan, a paint by the numbers, if you will, to be certain you are becoming more confident and feeling more self-esteem each day. It will be fun and feel almost as good as winning that race.

First, you should learn to be alert to the self-talk that goes on in your head, as it does in everyone's brain. If the conversation is negative, if you see you're putting yourself down or calling yourself negative names, the stop. Stop when you hear that negativism and oppose it with the facts about your own worthy self. You deserve to love yourself first among all people.

Next, promise yourself to silence the inner critic, which perhaps you learned from too severe parenting or wherever. Oppose that negative self-talk by building yourself up as a coach on a sports team would build up his players in the locker room. Root for your self. Be your own best cheerleader.

More suggestions to come in the next blog, as to how you will learn to admire and appreciate your inner hero and live that for all to see. Why not, it's very attractive. Your friends may think you got a new hair style or started working out more. You will be more attractive for all to see.


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