To Do List Today
for me and maybe
for you too.

1 Brownies for Breakfast:
that sweet beginning works
for me, but your sweet start
could be quiet time in the
morning, a hot shower, the
sports pages or The Today Show.
But, you need to have just your
special treat to start off your day.

2 Self-confidence inventory: your
own review of just why you can
succeed in this day and how you
are prepared to make things happen.

3 Top 5 reasons you have to be happy
about the opportunities today and how
you intend to bring success to the day.

4 Plan for bringing joy and kindness to
yourself and others because you and
the people you encounter deserve it.

5 Commitment to getting what you want
out of your day and learning to want
what you get out of life today and every day.

Keywords, passwords to lead your day:
sweet beginnings,
success, self-acceptance, self-confidence, joy,
contentment, learning to love your life just as it
is today, and making the most of your opportunities.


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