Just what is "Brownies For Breakfast" all about?

Brownies for Breakfast
is about starting your days
with a sweet beginning that will promote
greater self-acceptance and self-confidence,
more joy in your days and more contentment
in life. See what surprises can be ahead for you
each and every day.

To Do List Today
for me and maybe
for you too.

1 Brownies for Breakfast:
that sweet beginning works
for me, but your sweet start
could be quiet time in the
morning, a hot shower, the
sports pages or The Today Show.
But, you need to have just your
special treat to start off your day.

There will be more on how the start to your
day affects your success, joy and contentment.

2 Self-confidence inventory: your
own review of just why you can
succeed in this day and how you
are prepared to make things happen.


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