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At 9:43 PMPERMALINK, Anonymous onemargaret said...

Dave, I love the colors in this post. It has a calming effect. I am glad I stopped by your place. Very nice site. I will continue to visit as often as possible. Thank you and have a wonderful evening.

At 9:56 PMPERMALINK, Blogger 1Green Thumb said...

Awesome picture, great colors! Perhaps you would like to add it to natures wallpaper site and I will add a link to your blog under the picture if you wish. Here is the URL

just check out the link/picture exchange for more info.

thanks for the comment!

At 10:05 AMPERMALINK, Blogger Poly said...

I love the pictures in your blog.
I haven't so many time to read, but I will back just for see the new photoes on your site!


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